Current cyclones and Watching


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Monitoring of the 2022 hurricane season in the Atlantic

List of cyclones

NameStartEndMax windMinimum pressurecat maxNb storm daysNumber of hurricane daysNb days hurricane ShiftAce
ALEX2022-06-022022-06-0660 kt986 hPaStorm8.25006.38
BONNIE2022-06-222022-07-0245 kt0 hPaStorm14.5005.89
COLLIN2022-06-302022-07-0335 kt1011 hPaStorm3.75001.38
FOUR2022-08-172022-08-2130 kt0 hPaDepression4.75001.33
DANIELLE2022-08-302022-09-0880 kt972 hPaCat. 16.510025.3
EARL2022-08-272022-09-1090 kt0 hPaCat. 214.755022.33
FIONA2022-09-122022-09-24115 kt0 hPaCat. 4114.57.7557.39
GASTON2022-09-182022-09-2655 kt995 hPaStorm13.250010.49
IAN2022-09-192022-10-02135 kt937 hPaCat. 413.254.54.2539.7
ERMINE2022-09-212022-09-2535 kt0 hPaStorm5.75001.99
RAISE2022-09-202022-09-2930 kt1008 hPaDepression10.75002.66
TWELVE2022-10-022022-10-0730 kt0 hPaDepression7002.06
JULIA2022-10-022022-10-0975 kt0 hPaCat. 19.751.2507.41
KARL2022-10-102022-10-1550 kt0 hPaStorm8.5004.75
LISA2022-10-272022-11-0575 kt0 hPaCat. 1130.2506.34
MARTIN2022-10-302022-11-0375 kt950 hPaCat. 12.752.2506.6
NICOLE2022-11-052022-11-1165 kt0 hPaCat. 110.50.7508.7

In cyclones in progress.
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Cyclone trajectory

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Statistics in real time

 SeasonForecastAverage% on forecast
Of storms171814.494.44%
Nb of stormy days1588569.4185.88%
No. of hurricanes887.2100%
No. of hurricane days28.5302795%
No. of major hurricanes243.250%
No. of major hurricane days1287.4150%
Total cumulative ACE index210.7150123140.46%

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Current cyclones and Watching

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As I announced, no weekly point for the last 3 days. Still a very strong shear over the Tropical Atlantic which prevents any cyclonic development and which is expected to last for the next few days.

The calm of this end of the season is good news for me. It allowed me to have time to fit out my van in view of my European tour from the beginning of 2023!




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