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Many of you have asked me for a subscription system in order to benefit from more personalization in the analyzes and more interactivity (in particular to see me return to Facebook).

I wasn't very keen on launching this type of paid service but since it's a request and to respond to it I have to take the rest of my time (my days are still only 24 hours 😉 ) including professional, I give it a shot to see if I can compensate a little bit for the extra time I'm going to spend there.

Subscription to the private area of ​​Météo Tropicale costs €4,99 per month. It is non-binding and can be terminated at any time. It gives access to several advantages:

  • Access to the Private Tropical Weather Facebook group on which it is possible to comment and post and on which I come daily to answer questions and discuss.
  • Access to the private Telegram channel for your department. This channel provides all the information and weather Watching for your territory in real time. I also post there if necessary small quick analyzes on the situation.
  • Access to specific video content, whether live cyclone monitoring, quick analyzes during the day or series of popular videos on meteorology and cyclones.
  • Early access to all video content from the public channel, from a few hours to half a day. 
  • Integration with my contacts Telegram to be able to send me private messages about the hurricane situation.
  • Real-time notification for alerts and Watching (they are a little delayed on the public area)
  • Early access to videos before they are published on the public area
  • Text transcription of videos for those who have a degraded internet connection (by boat for example) 

To subscribe, it's on the patreon-page.

For those who do not wish to subscribe, the public part remains unchanged with always the same interventions on my part. I'm not taking anything free to make it paid, I'm just adding specific new services.

In any case, a big thank you for your loyalty and your support!


Translations are automated.

Current cyclones and Watching

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Here are the big takeaways from the @IPCC_CH Synthesis Report released today.

First, climate change has already caused widespread and substantial losses to almost every aspect of human life on this planet, and the impacts on future generations depend on the choices we make NOW.

It therefore now seems unlikely that a majority with such low legitimacy in public opinion will be able to embark on a major climate reform over the next 4 years.




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