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Current cyclones and Watching

INVEST 90L30.5N-81W25 kts1010 hPa

Tropical weather - Analysis of cyclonic risk in the Atlantic

There is currently 1 tropical weather system monitored by the NHC on the Atlantic basin:

  • INVEST 90L located on 30.5 N at -81 W (86 km SE of US -> Georgia). Intensity is 25 kts and the pressure of 1010 hPa. The risk of reinforcement is 30% at 48 hours and 30% at 5 days.
  • Disturbances and cyclones monitored in the Atlantic

    The map is interactive, you can click to get information on weather systems.

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    Tropical weather situation in the Atlantic

    Forecast NHC

    Image credit: NHC

    Analysis map

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    Satellite image

    Image credit: UW-CIMSS

    Sand & dry air

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    Anomalies SST

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    Lightning strikes and rainfalls radar

    Latest forecast for the hurricane season

    April 2021
    July 2021
    August 2021
    evol. Moy202020192018
    Nb of named storms1720-14.4301815
    Of stormy days8090-69.41186887
    No. of hurricanes89-7.21368
    No. of hurricane days3540-27352326
    No. of major hurricanes44-3.2632
    No. of major hurricane days99-7.49105
    Cumulative energy (ACE)150160-123180142129

    The Tropical Weather website

    Tropical weather offers you a lot of information on the weather in West Indies and on the cyclonic risk in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. It automatically compiles data from many sources in real time (Meteo France, NHC, NOAA … Etc) and created an automated analysis of the weather situation, current cyclones and forecasts. It also displays satellite images, rainfalls radars and lightning strike radar.

    On the dashboard of each territory, a summary of all the weather data gives you a quick and precise view of the current situation, the last hours and the 5-day forecast. An analysis of the current cyclones and the risk is also present.

    You will also find there the statistics of all cyclones in the Atlantic since 1950 as well as those of the islands or territories affected by the risk of cyclones in the Atlantic basin (Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico). The French islands (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin et Saint-Barthelemy) are the subject of further analysis.

    Finally, throughout the hurricane season and when a risk is identified, you will find expert analyzes.

    The Météo Tropicale website is for LEISURE use only. It must never be used for decisions to protect property and people in the event of a meteorological risk. Only official organizations (Météo France, Préfecture, etc.) are authorized to provide specific safety information as well as the associated levels of Watching. When a risk is identified, you must follow the instructions of these organizations for your safety, that of those around you and that of your property.

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    Current cyclones and Watching

    INVEST 90L30.5N-81W

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    This site has been developed for entertainment and understanding the weather in the tropics.

    It should only be used NEVER for the safety of people or property.

    Only information from your national meteorological service and your civil security should be used in case of proven risk!