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Current cyclones and Watching

EPSILON28.9N-57.7W75 kts976 hPa

Tropical weather - Cyclonic risk analysis

There are currently 2 systems monitored by the NHC on the Atlantic basin:

  • Hurricane EPSILON located on 28.9 N at -57.7 W (775 km ESE of Bermuda). Intensity is 75 kts and the pressure of 976 hPa. Territory (ies) directly threatened:.
  • The tropical wave (0) located on 0 N by 0 W. The risk of reinforcement is 0% at 48 hours and 0% at 5 days.
  • Disturbances and cyclones monitored in the Atlantic

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    Atlantic weather situation

    Forecast NHC

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    Sand & dry air

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    Anomalies SST

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    Lightning strikes and rainfalls radar

    Latest forecast

    No. of named storms161924+ 26%12181517
    No. of storm days8085100+ 17%59.5688791
    No. of hurricanes8912+ 33%6.56810
    No. of hurricane days354045+ 12%24232651
    No. of major hurricanes445+ 25%2.7326
    No. of major hurricane days9911+ 22%610519
    Cumulative energy (ACE)150160200+ 25%106142129220

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    Current cyclones and Watching


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